Made this separate tumblr for that sexual side of me. I'm pretty much a freak and a perv and I like showing off.

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Anonymous asked: hey, what happened to your gangbang videos on xtube?

They were all reported for violation of Terms of Service. I sent an email to xtube asking what that’s about, but I don’t really expect them to reply. It’s just a porn site after all.

An old clip with a fuckbuddy in Stockholm

It’s my birthday today, so here you have a video of me and a big black cock :3

Here you are, the final part of my little gang bang. Enjoy ;P

Wooo weee here’s part 2 of me getting passed around by a bunch of guys :)

Ask me anything pt. 20 - Gangbang edition

Great video! Did the camera man take turns as well?

Thanks! The camera man is the one you see in the beginning ;)

were those guys asians?

Nope! There were a couple, but they canceled.

Howdy, do you remember for long you and your friend from the “Cum in my bum” video fucked for? It’s pretty amazing <3

Thanks <3 I’m not sure. A couple of hours maybe?

Imagine a dominant guy would force you to wear a pair of the same socks instead of two different ones … in public …

Haha. Now you go too far…

This isn’t really a question, just a compliment really. I’m mostly a bottom but watching your vids makes me want to top you so hard. So very hot! :) If only you lived in the United States.

We can’t all live in America ;)

did the 8 guys fuck you bare?

No. We went through a lot of condoms :p

Aww, I love you’re Instagram pics. I’d love to wake up next to you ;-)

Hehe thanks ;)

was it a gang bang? did they all fuck you or did they fuck whith each other as well?

I was the only bottom. It’s been a fantasy of mine forever, so that’s how it was set up.

What is there hidden behind your private password at dudesnude? Is there anything worth seeing that you don’t already show somewhere else?

I think everything is on this tumblr.

Any plans to travel?

No plans currently.

Do you understand the whole fuss bout 50 shades? Is there a sex book you like to praise?

I haven’t read it, but from what I hear I don’t think I would like it much. I don’t know any sex books. I’m a (hardcore!) Song of Ice and Fire fan, but that’s not all that erotic I suppose.

i love how you always answer my questions! that shows you’re a pretty open and awesome guy besides being sexy. thanks! :)


Any chance of more photos in a thong?

I’m not really a huge fan of those. Too girly looking, I think.

What’s your favourite colour?


Would you like to have a dominant guy as your boyfriend?

I don’t know! It’s certainly not a requirement. Sex can be great without the power play too.

Can you be fucked without lube (just spit or even nothing)?

Yeah. It’s usually fine in the moment, but then I tend to get a bit sore in the aftermath, which I don’t like ;)

That guy with the tiger balm and the ice cubes - did he tell you in advance what he was going to do or did it come as a surprise for you?

I had no idea! 

What are some porn sites you love?

Machofucker, Straighthell, Citebeur, Peterfever, Ericvideos, Czech Hunter +++ 

First part of the video of me getting gangbanged last week. Enjoy :p

I got fucked by 8 guys in all :3

Lucky me pt 2

Lucky me pt 2

Lucky me :)

Lucky me :)

Anonymous asked: so how was it?

amazing. i’m exhausted though (———_____———-). i don’t know how porn stars do it. i’ll have photos and videos for you eventually, but i don’t know when exactly. 



Ask me anything pt.19

planning any cam shows any time soon?

I don’t have a webcam anymore.

"in the mood for something xl" I can’t imagine what that might be. Could you give us a clue???


can i invite u to my party? :) i love that idea of yours!!! but i guess once ud arrive at my place.. id just cancel the party and abuse u all night!!!!

hehehe sure!

ok, so this is not a question, but i’d love to see you get fucked by a big black cock. i think the contrast would be quite sexy!

alright, maybe i’ll film the next one for you ;)

do you have a preference? size (length/girth), cut/uncut, race? I saw a comment of yours on a brazilian black REALLY well endowed guy and got curious :)

big is such a turn on! it’s not a requirement though. more like a bonus ;) and not so big ones tend to feel better inside me. i tend to prefer uncut over cut, but that’s not a big deal either.

Are you a fan of Margaret Berger? I believe you are both from Trondheim! (random question, I know!)

Yeah man! We have friends in common, but I don’t really know her.

whats the biggest number of dicks you’ve had in you in one day?

More than 30 :p

are you into piss?

No, but I don’t refuse it.

You seem to do alot of barebacking. Do you have any STDs?

I know it seems like I do, but I usually play safe. I’m all tested and clear.

do you like naked wrestling?

I’d lose every time

How’s the paypal thing going?

Still back and forth with them. Something about validating my identity without letting validate my identity. It’s very frustrating :(

did you ever fucked with a black guy called alex in stockholm with a really huge cock?


hey sexy, what kind of dick is your favourite?

i love cocks that are big when they are soft. it’s just so hot when it hangs there all heavy and fat.

Has it ever happened to you that a dominant guy kept parts of your clothing and you had to go home without them? E.g. underwear, socks, shirt …

No. I’ve been told to go home not wearing them, but I always had it in my bag or something.

You’ve said that you don’t like being pissed on, but at the same time you like if a top is doing something to you you don’t like for his own pleasure. What if a guy would shave your head while you are tied up just to humiliate you?

That would be a bit much! I have a life outside my horny adventures too, and I don’t want to live it bald.

Imagine you’d be caught by the police doing nude photography outside … you couldn’t retrieve your clothes so they’d bring you to the police station naked, and you’d have to spend the night in the cell naked with 9 other detainees …

Oh my ;)

Did you ever get caught when you were doing nude photos of yourself outside?

Not that I’m aware of.

This is not a question but you have an amazing ass and you are very very cute

Awh, thank you! <3

Hi! Are you on OkCupid? :-p

I’m on a million sites, but not on that one.

in the mood for something xl

in the mood for something xl