Made this separate tumblr for that sexual side of me. I'm pretty much a freak and a perv and I like showing off.

Feel free to return the favor and send me something sexy ;) -->

Same cock as last time 

who wants to see the video? :)

who wants to see the video? :)

Had the apartment to myself tonight, so decided to do a little hookup marathon, one guy after the other :3 
4 in all.

Had the apartment to myself tonight, so decided to do a little hookup marathon, one guy after the other :3 

4 in all.

Just a few clips with a guy. Enjoy :)

Grab my butt :)

Grab my butt :)

Ask me anything pt 21

Tell us the story behind that picture …

It was many years ago in Sweden. There was this one guy who used to boss me around, and the thing he was most into was public exposure. He would make me do things like flash my ass for him in public or be naked when I was in his car. He even made me upload naughty photos to my QX profile (Swedish dating site) for a while, making me give him my login information so he could control what photos were on there. It was all very exciting :p It’s always a turn on for me when guys don’t really care about what I want or don’t want, and this guy was really without mercy hehe. The photo is from one time when we were walking near a beach. He pulled me into the bushes and made me suck him off there.

Do you consider yourself grown up?

I’m terrible at being a grown up.

Do you Skype or Kik?

I have Skype, but my old rabbit cut the cord so my webcam isn’t working (i got a new one, but it was worthless). I deleted kick because I never used it, and I kept getting spam.

Do you still get a lot of questions?

Sure. And I love it ;) It’s pretty much the only feedback I get on here, so it’s very much appreciated.

so how can i meet you? not for sex or anything, just because you seem cool :)

Send me an email I guess. No promises though ;)

I saw your clone in brussels yesterday :-D

Maybe it was me! (no it wasn’t)

Are u off xtube I can’t find ur vids…

Search for “ludicolo”

Will you ever re-upload the gangbang videos? Or is there some other way to view them? You have the nicest ass I’ve ever seen btw .

They are back up now. X-tube replied to my email and everything is fine. I don’t know what they were reported for.

do you like kissing?

For sure, if you’re a good kisser. I love making out with a hot guy.

Do you have any sexy pics on a guy Cumming on your ass or on your sexy hole 😏😏😏😋😋


Why do you often jerk off while getting fucked? Can’t you just relax and focus on your hole?

Because it feels so good!

Do you remember being fucked by rogerkint on xtube? How was it?

It was great! That week in London was insane…

sprichst du deutsch?

Nein :)

Why no updates? :(

That’s just the way it is around here. Sometimes I’m more active, sometimes less ;)

My mouth waters every time I see your hole on that first picture of your dudesnude profile and I’m short of licking the screen …

Good! ;)

Would you consider yourself a slut?

Yes! lol That’s not the only side of me though.

After reading your Tumblr, I decided to try shaving underwater. I have reeeaaaally sensitive skin, and it worked great! No razor burn at all! Thanks, and I love the way you give head!


I just wanted to say the first gay video I ever saw was one if yours on your old channel and I’ve been a fan ever since. Keep doing what your doing 😘


heyy, i have been always have a thing for you!!! you are the type of boy that i would fuck without thinking it twice ps: i have you on fb, but i’m too shy to message you on there jajaja x)

Do it! No use adding my Facebook unless I know you fairly well though. I prefer to keep it more private there.

Depending on your sexual experience what race fuck better ? Also can tell us what the top 3 nationalities you think they are good fuckers.

Uh, I don’t know. I don’t think I’ve noticed any patterns with nationalities.

have you ever been to the burning man event?


Do you get turned on watching yourself get fucked, or is it more the exhibitionist side of being filmed for others to watch you? Do you ever fuck in public? Would be hot to watch a vid of you getting slammed in a public place.

I don’t get turned on by watching myself, but I get horny remembering how hot that fuck was. And yes, I agree!

Pule deg i rompa?

Jaaaa :) Hehe.

do you mind fucked by sereral big dicks in a public place and watched by somebody else?

That’s exciting! Only if the watchers are into it though. I don’t get off on exposing myself to people who have no desire to see that.

Do you have a personal limit to how big you’ll take dicks? Like, do you prefer to stay pretty tight?

Na ;) I stay away from fisting though, for that reason.

Hey, I know you prefer being a bottom but I want you to fuck me. I have a tight Parisian asian hole for you ;)

Prove it!

What is your favourite song at the moment? Do you have any music suggestions :>

Röyksopp feat. Robyn - Do It Again

Here’s something for all you butts who have been antsy for a new video. It’s me and a French guy I see from time to time. 

If you can’t get it to work, go look it up on xtube. I’m ludicolo there :)

Anonymous asked: hey, what happened to your gangbang videos on xtube?

They were all reported for violation of Terms of Service. I sent an email to xtube asking what that’s about, but I don’t really expect them to reply. It’s just a porn site after all.

An old clip with a fuckbuddy in Stockholm

It’s my birthday today, so here you have a video of me and a big black cock :3

Here you are, the final part of my little gang bang. Enjoy ;P

Wooo weee here’s part 2 of me getting passed around by a bunch of guys :)

Ask me anything pt. 20 - Gangbang edition

Great video! Did the camera man take turns as well?

Thanks! The camera man is the one you see in the beginning ;)

were those guys asians?

Nope! There were a couple, but they canceled.

Howdy, do you remember for long you and your friend from the “Cum in my bum” video fucked for? It’s pretty amazing <3

Thanks <3 I’m not sure. A couple of hours maybe?

Imagine a dominant guy would force you to wear a pair of the same socks instead of two different ones … in public …

Haha. Now you go too far…

This isn’t really a question, just a compliment really. I’m mostly a bottom but watching your vids makes me want to top you so hard. So very hot! :) If only you lived in the United States.

We can’t all live in America ;)

did the 8 guys fuck you bare?

No. We went through a lot of condoms :p

Aww, I love you’re Instagram pics. I’d love to wake up next to you ;-)

Hehe thanks ;)

was it a gang bang? did they all fuck you or did they fuck whith each other as well?

I was the only bottom. It’s been a fantasy of mine forever, so that’s how it was set up.

What is there hidden behind your private password at dudesnude? Is there anything worth seeing that you don’t already show somewhere else?

I think everything is on this tumblr.

Any plans to travel?

No plans currently.

Do you understand the whole fuss bout 50 shades? Is there a sex book you like to praise?

I haven’t read it, but from what I hear I don’t think I would like it much. I don’t know any sex books. I’m a (hardcore!) Song of Ice and Fire fan, but that’s not all that erotic I suppose.

i love how you always answer my questions! that shows you’re a pretty open and awesome guy besides being sexy. thanks! :)


Any chance of more photos in a thong?

I’m not really a huge fan of those. Too girly looking, I think.

What’s your favourite colour?


Would you like to have a dominant guy as your boyfriend?

I don’t know! It’s certainly not a requirement. Sex can be great without the power play too.

Can you be fucked without lube (just spit or even nothing)?

Yeah. It’s usually fine in the moment, but then I tend to get a bit sore in the aftermath, which I don’t like ;)

That guy with the tiger balm and the ice cubes - did he tell you in advance what he was going to do or did it come as a surprise for you?

I had no idea! 

What are some porn sites you love?

Machofucker, Straighthell, Citebeur, Peterfever, Ericvideos, Czech Hunter +++